Last edit: 2023-06-15

Purchasing on

As a customer on you must follow the following rules:

  1. Do not share your credentials. Your account contains a wallet and must remain private.
  2. You waive your right to withdraw from your purchase as soon as the purchased product has been downloaded.
  3. can in no way be held responsible for improper installation or use of the product.
  4. You understand that is not an official brand of MX Bikes and is not affiliated with them.
  5. Check your GUID carefully. It is your entire responsibility to type it right. If you place an order or receive a gift with a bad GUID, the mod is lost and won’t be refunded.
  6. A GUID never change. If you think it did and have any issue in this regard, please address your request to the game support, it is not the shop responsibility. Same applies for Steam family sharing, purchased account, hacked account or converted standalone game to Steam version.
  7. Do not try to bypass the system, hack in any way, or encourage it. The security will detect any suspect activity, and result in a ban of your account.
  8. Our support takes place on discord. If you try to get a chargeback or anything similar and owe money to the shop your account will be suspended. You will have to pay the owed money plus 20$ of dispute fees per transaction to get your account back.
  9. If you purchase a mod before a new version/beta of the game is released, and this new release makes your mod obsolete, you cannot take nor the mod creator as responsible. is not affiliated to MX Bikes The Game and can’t warn customers about new updates.
If you break any of these rules, has the right to close your account with no refund.
 Anything that could happen to your computer, your Steam account or any third party software/hardware where is not involved is not its responsibility.

Selling on

As a vendor/creator/modder on you must follow the following rules:

  1. Do not upload any ripped content. It will be deleted and your vendor account revoked.
  2. You must credit any third party involved in your paid release.
  3. The price of your mod must be between 0$ and 5$. Please ask the admin for a higher price for your case to be studied.
    1. MX tracks capped to $2
    2. SX tracks capped to $1.50
    3. Bike or Rider paints capped to $0.10
    4. Bike parts swap capped to $5
    5. Full bike models capped to $20
  4. You must respond to any customer having issues with your paid mod. The support of your own mod is your responsibility. Mod installation and GUID issues are not included, only performance or very track specific issues.
  5. Do not compete with validated creators. It means that you cannot sell the same or a very similar track they are already willing to release or is already released.
  6. Creators are legally responsible for the content they post on the shop.
  7. If a complaint is received from a brand, the related mod will be removed from the shop.
  8. A paid mod released on cannot be published for free within its 6 first months after submission.
  9. A free mod publish on or any other platform can only be published on the shop for free with the name your price option, allowing customers to donate what they want.

If you break any of these rules, has the right to close your account with no refund and keep the ongoing commissions.

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