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by MXB-Shop Admin in Featured, News on May 15, 2022

We are really happy to announce our opening just at the beginning of the 2022 Motocross season on MX Bikes.

We put a hard work to make this website as the best tools for customers to buy/sell mods in the most secure way. Unlike MXB-Mods.com, here you won’t find hundreds of mods, only official mods by certified creators.

What does it mean for the future of MX Bikes?

Not that much to be honest. The only difference is you would have to pay for certain tracks used in the official MX Bikes series. Should we name it? Aerial Racing League.

The community has changed a lot the last 2 years with an insane growing of the number of players. We believe there is room for everyone, and MyMXB.com shown it with his multi-host racing system.

As most of you know, track building is a tough job and takes a lot of time. Just like other communities in the past, MX Bikes is now ready to get its own paid track builders rewarded for their arduous work.

So am I forced to pay?

It’s up to you. If you want to participate the most challenging series on MX Bikes with awesome prizes, yes, you will have to.

If you play MX Bikes occasionally just for fun, you may prefer download some fun free stuff from MXB-Mods.

What’s next?

It is highly recommended for you to read our FAQ and Terms to get the fully transparent vision of MX Bikes Shop. Over the next few weeks, certified creators will pop out and start adding their mods to the website. Interested in jump onboard? Check the Terms, submit your application and start selling your mods. Players, you can fully trust paid mods on MX Bikes Shop. They are all reviewed and we ensure they respect our rules and offer a minimum quality standard.

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elwood96 at 4:11 pm

Awesome work, great idea and well executed.

WHIT3BOY516 at 1:33 pm

great idea!!! man i love this community

Dirt_Merchant488 at 11:39 pm

I honestly believe $1.50 is too cheap. I spend $15 when i go to taco bell. An Apex skin is $20 lol

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