How to fix bad performance issue?

How to fix bad performance issue?

by MXB-Shop Admin in Knowledgebase on January 26, 2023

The mods released on the shop are tested to make sure the performances are correct. It does not mean you can run it at 166 FPS with all your graphic settings set to the highest, especially online with other players connected. If you are having any performance issue, please make sure you applied the following steps. The tracks will still looks good, but requiring way less resources.

  • Disable Anti Aliasing
    • Settings / Graphics / set Antialiasing to off
  • Disable 3D Grass
    • Settings / Graphics / uncheck 3D Grass
  • Disable Track Screens
    • Settings / Graphics / uncheck Track Screens
  • Reduce the Draw distance
    • Settings / Graphics / set Draw Distance to Low
  • Turn off Shaders/Reflection
    • Settings / Graphics / uncheck Dynamic Shadows, Reflections, Shaders
  • Edit your game global.ini to lower the textures quality
  • Installed ReShade version has to be 4.9.1
    • and still better disable/uninstall it if you have performance issues

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