User FAQ

MX Bikes is a marketplace where creators (or modders) can sell their creation safely.

First you have to Deposit a minimum of $10 in your account wallet.


Because the mod prices are very low while transaction fees are expensive. If you pay $1.50 using your credit card, the bank takes approximatively $0.60. Then only $0.90 is remaining to be split between creators and the website owners.

When a customer creates an account, he has to fill his game GUID. He can edit it if needed using his profile page. Once paid, the mod will be locked to the customer GUID. This is why it is important to double check it. MX Bikes won’t issue any refund because of a bad GUID.

As long as the creator let the mod available on the website. There is no download limit.

Yes. On the checkout page, you can check the option “Purchase for someone else” and type the third party username or GUID. He must create a shop account at first. Then the gifted user will find the mod directly in his own download section.

Again, if his GUID is wrong, no refund will be issued.

You will be able to download the new version as soon as it is available without any fees.

When a mod is password protected, it means that you can download it before its release.

This way you get rid of any payment or slow download just before a race and get disadvantaged.

When the password is released, it will be displayed where the countdown is. Copy the password and use it to extract the zip downloaded earlier (you will need 7-Zip or WinRar).

The locked PKZ is now extracted and ready to be put in your mods folder.

Please join our Discord server and hit the Create ticket button in the 📩support channel

Very simple. Once purchased, all the details of your Season Pass will show up in your Dashboard / Season Pass menu.

A season Pass will allow you to grab some mods for free, for example, all motocross tracks of the same year from the same author. Please read the Season Pass description carefully, the refund policies applies the same way.

Install locations below are default ones. If you have custom location, please adapt the install location.

Drop the installed mod in the corresponding folder listed below.


C:\Users\username\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\mods\tracks


C:\Users\username\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\mods\rider\riders\default_mx


Follow the bike’s specific instructions on the mod page

C:\Users\username\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\mods\tracks

Game Mods

Follow the mod’s specific instructions on the mod page

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MX Bikes

Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. They are the only supported browsers.
Some people got this issue fixed by rebooting their router.

Creator FAQ

MX Bikes is a strict website with verified creators only. You can apply to become a creator using the appropriate menu in your Dashboard.

Your application will be reviewed and you’ll be asked for a quick interview on discord about the stuff you are going to sell. To make the process easier, do not forget to sync your profile with discord if it’s not already done.


MX Bikes will only take a few commissions on the sales to pay the fees and infrastructure.

MX Bikes has NOT been created to make money but to centralize paid mods in a safety place.

It is really simple:

  • You publish a mod using a submission form.
  • The website moderators review the mod to make sure it fit our Terms and Conditions and publish it.
  • People can start purchasing and downloading the mod.
  • You can track your sales in your Vendor Dashboard
  • You get paid every first day of the month

Payments are done the first day of each month.

Payments are done using Paypal or cryptocurrency. You can chat on the discord server with admins speak about the details.

No. Any ripped content will be deleted and your creator account will be banned.

No. If you use MX Bikes you will get paid, and we expect a fair return from our creators. You can purchase it for someone else if needed.

We decided to define some criteria for track price, and keep a certain consistency in it.


  1. Any creator releasing his first track ever won’t be able to set a price higher than 1$. No matter the track size. It does not include known creators from other games switching to MX Bikes.
  2. A single SX track cannot exceed 1.50$
  3. A single MX track cannot exceed 2$
  4. A compound cannot exceed 4$
  5. Any free ride, freestyle, enduro track will cost between 1-4$ depending on some criteria (textures, environment details, heightmap effort…)


(coming soon)

Game mods

Game mods are uncategorized mods like a game UI mod, reshade pack, garage mod (home menu), etc. The price cannot be set in advance as it can goes from a very small mod to something that needs hundreds of hours.

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