US Open of Mx Bikes 2023 – Round 2

by Ruubs

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Round 2 of US Open of Mx Bikes presented by MXB-Mods Racing

Enter the realm of the US Open of Mx Bikes through this track inspired by the iconic event of the late ’90s and early 2000s. Nestled within a the famed Las Vegas stadium that hosted the legendary races, this track pays homage to that era’s thrilling battles and unique challenges faced by riders on this grand stage.

This track uses a texture rendering technique which hasn’t been used on any other tracks before due to a previous game limitation. !!If the crowd is white in game make sure you have the latest game update (BETA 18G) to enjoy this track to its fullest potential!!

Your purchase includes a high-resolution .PKZ and a server .PKZ (the server .PKZ is used for hosting dedicated servers only) for the track. Only put one of the .PKZ files in your mods folder at a time. If you get a plain black map in-game or the mod doesn’t show in your track list, you installed it incorrectly.

US Open of Mx Bikes 2023 championship:

I’ll be releasing 4 different US Open tracks throughout December and January. Alongside that I will be hosting 4 races to ultimately crown the US Open of Mx Bikes champion! If you want to sign up for the races, visit and navigate to the US Open of MXB 2023 championship.

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Made for Beta 18i
In-Game Mod Name RSK - US Open of MXB 2023 rd.2
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    December 23, 2023

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