Triple Crown Series Round 7 – Gopher Dunes

by kewinfeula74

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Hello everyone!

So here we are at rd7 of the triple crown series at the great Dopher Dunes! What I have to say about it?! It’s dope and you will find a really good flow trough this track with many many line choices and competitive! I hope you everyone have a great time playing like I did testing it with some friends! *Obs I had a problem exporting the track with the fences so you guys that ride there and know there is fences inside the track yes I did them but it was too heavy so I took it off for the race and I will try to find a way to make it lighter so nobody has trouble playing it online. That’s it! Catch ya on the track barking the Motomart banana! braaaaaaaaap


Onboard preview lap with Kewin Feula around Wild Rose Main track based on the 2023 Triple Crown Series layout:

YouTube player


-Earthwurx/ Kellz/ Red/ Dblu/ Mouklab Niko the dud: Special thanks because you are the best! (kellz always helping me with everything) Red (freaking awesome tip about how to make norms using blender. made my tracks looks way cooler)  (Dblu always help me with daylon can’t wait to see your tracks to the public. This is the guys talking about detailed heightmaps so thank you very much for always making me going into the right direction for with the heightmaps). Earthwurx best people is there! Everyone so cool and everyone is learning and giving their techniques and knowledge about track making. I think this is the cooler discord channel that exists no doubt. Mouk thanks for always giving the attention at the fastest time possible even when I rush you and make you a “lil crazy” bleeh. But honestly I want to thank you for keeping this game alive if it wasn’t you moving the sticks this thing would not be running the way it is till this day. Have a great day and week dog! Well guys now here my “copy and paste” credits below if I forgot anyone let me know and I will give you the proper credits. Hope to see you at the track not riding because it would be unfair but being an admin of the series! let’s go!

– TFC (If it wasn’t your tutorials I would’ve never starting on track making)
– Resolute (Resolute MXB Track Builder)
– Dblu752 (Materialize/ Daylon cool tricks) you are the man <3
– Dylan Frisch aka Jack of no trades (Assets)
– Earthwurx (assets, answers, help, etc.)
– Higgo (tents and other assets)
– RedRider (help and assets)
– Endo (textures, trees, other assets)
– DA Mods (Dayllon leveler help, masks, other stuff)
– Fatmuppet (banners)
– Pietro (help back in the day)
– Rubs (assets)
– Giopanda (assets)
– jm328_mxb for my new FTR logo. big thanks man! Looks sick!
– LD Lincon Designs for help using blender & photoshop and Gopher Dunes letters!

If I forgot anyone I am sorry and please let me know to edit my credits!

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Made for Beta Factory bikes and OEM 18
In-Game Mod Name Feulatracks | 2023 TCS RD7 | Gopher Dunes
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    December 13, 2023

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    December 12, 2023

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