TFCMods NS1 – R11 – Mechanicsville

by TFC

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Round 11 – Mechanicsville, MD

National Series 1 README:

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Mechanicsville, AKA ‘Budds Creek’.

Budds Creek is a very unique track and always provides good racing on the AMA schedule. It’s a tighter track than some in places, but it offers some great natural elevation changes, plenty of jumps, and is home to the infamous Henry’s Hill, where Doug Henry crashed in ’95. There’s plenty of mounds to scrub, tables to float over and some very nice inside lines.

I really enjoyed making Mechanicsville, and I think partly that’s due to it already existing in the game in the form of ‘Maryland’. I always loved Snappes version and for a long time I’d say it was the best track in the MX Bikes stock list (at least up until Beta 5 – Washington).

Budds Creek was always on my list of tracks I’d love to make but for a long time the MX Bikes community didn’t focus on tracks that already existed, because variety was more important. I’m glad I had the chance to do it and hope it captures the heart of Budds.

The surface at Mechanicsville is a loose soft soily sandy mix. To achieve this, a mostly ‘Soft Soil’ surface with a small mixture of ‘Sand’ produced the result I wanted.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy!

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Made for Beta 18c
In-Game Mod Name TFC NS1 R11 Mechanicsville, MD
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