TFCMods NS1 – R09 – Washougal

by TFC

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Round 09 – Washougal, WA

National Series 1 README:

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Washougal is a firm favorite of mine. I love the track and the environment, the tall Douglas Fir trees, and you can almost smell the place! The track is built on a beautiful hillside and pretty much the entire track is spent going up and down with the exception of the bottom sections.

This is another one of my favorite rounds on the schedule to watch, build and to ride in MX Bikes! I lost a lot of time riding this one, perfecting the jumps and roughness, and hopefully that comes through especially in the corners. Modelling the buildings was quite demanding on this one due to their location, the lack of reference imagery and their somewhat odd shapes. Also, this was one of the only tracks where I used a purchased asset, the trees.

This track is based on the 2020 version that luckily didn’t get cut from the 2020 season.

The surface at Washougal is soft, deep and loamy but can be deceptively slick. ‘Soft Soil’ was the only choice here, and any off camber slickness comes straight from the heightmap.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy!

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Made for Beta 18c
In-Game Mod Name TFC NS1 R09 Washougal, WA
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