TFCMods NS1 – R08 – Millville

by TFC

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Round 08 – Millville, MN

National Series 1 README:

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Millville, AKA ‘Spring Creek’.

Spring Creek is a great track with some really awesome natural elevation including the epic Mt. Martin. Owned by the Martin family, this track is also home to the ‘Chadapault’, which famousley ejected Reed back in 2011.

This is one of my favorite rounds on the schedule to watch, build and to ride in MX Bikes! I probably lost a few weeks in the time I spent running laps while building just for fun – I’d test a texture or object build and just couldn’t tare myself away. It has some seriously bizarre buildings, which took a huge amount of time to both build, but also to find reference imagery to get them as close as possible to their real counterparts, and the environment is just beautiful. One of my top 3 favorites.

I was very glad to see this round wasn’t dropped from the 2020 schedule and that is the year this track is based on.

The surface at Millville is soft top with a very hard slick base. Not wanting to hate the track when it deformed, ‘Soft Soil’ suited this one perfectly.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy!

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