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Round 01 – Rancho Cordova, CA

National Series 1 README:

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Rancho Cordova, AKA ‘Hangtown Motocross Classic’.

Rancho Cordova was a good track to make. As the first one though, I had to go back and re-do a few things twice after I finished the initial workload – Once after heightmap and textures and once after objects, because after making 12 I got better at a few things and learned some new techniques.
This is based on the 2020 layout, although it got dropped from the schedule due to Covid so I had to do my best from a mix of years.

The Fly 150 jump was a challenge, because some years it’s not too big and other years it’s huge. Also, in amateur events they tone it down. I think I’ve got it pretty good – The runup is not as technical as in 2020, but it works.

The surface at Rancho Cordova is known for it’s hard soil, but generally after being prepped it’s a soft soil top with a hard base. This fits perfectly into MX Bikes ‘Soft Soil’ surface type as deform naturally adds hardness.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy!

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