Rio Fortuna Compound

by kewinfeula74

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So hey guys how are you? I hope you all good! 

MX: Here you will find one of the greatest tracks in Brazil it’s a privateer training facility of Lorenzo Ricken (a little ripper here in Brazil). He is one of the fastest kids around here on a supermini! Well getting back to the track, this layout it’s based on 2022 BRMX Final round which is our “AMA” here in Brazil. So there is a massive triple which is the finish jump and a few pro riders were doing at the event, most of 250 guys didn’t made that one so keep that in mind, the track was pretty hard and had a great level. The track level is different from nowadays. I had a couple a friends that rode there not for so long and track is way easier nowadays, probably because it’s a training track and no one wants do get hurt during training right? So that’s why I decided to make the track based on the 2022 BRMX final round and not the newer update version which is pretty sick and fit my fatty skill level haha. Well I can’t wait to ride there!

SX1: Based on round 11 of AMA, I had fun racing on that track and that’s why I decided to make it for this track.

SX2: Based on the FINAL round of AMA this weekend race!

observation: SX is new to me. I hope you like it and enjoy my way of doing it but remember it’s not like ARL. The lines are a lil bigger and feels pretty good to ride on it. I keep it friendly the whoops in SX1 and made a little harder at SX2. You will have fun on both tracks for sure! Don’t forget to give me your feedback about the SX tracks if you enjoyed or not and what I could change! I think we are done here with the words let’s bark now! brraaaaaaaap

Time to give a special thanks for these guys below! 


  • TFC (If it wasn’t your tutorials I would’ve never starting on track making)
  • Mouk Lab Tutorials on yt, answers for my questions and giving me attention when needed. Thanks sir Niko.
  • Red (The DAD of track creators and I am not joking man, you are always there for us not only for me but for everyone that digs into track making. Thank you for everything you do and giving us most of your free time with knowledge and good laughs when we do struggle.)
  • Earthwurx (best people is there! Everyone so cool and everyone is learning and giving their techniques and knowledge about track making. I think this is the cooler discord channel that exists no doubt)
  • Resolute (Resolute MXB Track Builder)
  • DA Mods (Dayllon leveler help, masks, other stuff, being my secretly lover)
  • Kellz (Help with testing, opinions, theory, time, optimization, assets, being a friend, count on me man!).
  • Dblu752 (Always helping me with daylon can’t wait to see your tracks to the public. This is the guy talking about detailed heightmaps so thank you very much for always making me going into the right direction with heightmaps, Materialize/ Daylon cool tricks) you are the man <3
  • LD Lincon (Designs for help using blender & photoshop and Gopher Dunes letters!)
  • Dylan Frisch aka Jack of no trades (Assets)
  • Higgo (tents and other assets)
  • Endo (textures, trees, other assets)
  • Fatmuppet (banners)
  • Pietro (help back in the day)
  • Paramoto (VP can)
  • Rubs (assets)
  • Giopanda (assets)
  • jm328_mxb for my new FTR logo. big thanks man! Looks sick!
  • my wife for being hot




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