Ocotillo Wells All Natural Freeride/Waypoint

by 3F Dirt Works

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“When you are out on your bike you’re not thinking bout nothin but having fun and doin what you need to do and that’s what I’m out there for, strictly just to have fun and get away from the cell phone and whenever I’m driving on the road like I look at the mountain ranges and I just look, I’m like that would be cool to jump that. I’m always looking for jumps and Ocotillo is probably one of the most different from everyone that we’ve ridden. I just love the terrain, and the trannies, and how steep things are. It’s weird, it’s like crust that’s like hardpacked but once you break through it it’s soft but then it’s hard again underneath and sometimes there’s like shell. You can find a little bit of everything. You can find a perfect jump out there to do all your tricks on. You can find a cliff jump, step down, and step up. There’s just everything, it’s a variety of riding out there and it’s fun. When I get up to the hills I like to be creative. I like to have set up jumps to get to the main jump. Guess that’s like my way of art is just shoveling jumps and I like to jump it first if I shovel it. I think riding out there like definitely shows your skills, like what you got on a bike, and if you really know how to ride. You have to be a good rider out there. You can’t be some average Joe going to Ocotillo to make good jumps and have good style. It doesn’t really work out that good for em. Out there is like it’s a different ride. It’s so hard to get to the jumps at Ocotillo. You gotta have good tires on your bike. You gotta have your suspension set up right. You gotta have a good eye out for jumps out there cause a lot of things get blown out at the very bottom.” ~ Jeremy Stenberg on Ocotillo Wells

Thanks to:

  • TFC
  • Gdub
  • Beyer
  • AGMX-Agitato
  • Niko Mouk
  • Giopanda
  • C.C. Atributions
  • Imphenzia
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Difficulty Not Applicable
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Video Url https://youtu.be/s_3r0ii3Xcc
Made for Beta 18c
In-Game Mod Name Ocotillo Wells-Waypoint
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    December 11, 2022

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    July 28, 2023

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  • Awesome track/map

    Really enjoyed the desert map hopefully more maps like this show up

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