MXBGP 2023 Pre-season Race

by JV

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Welcome to the pre-season race of MXBGP 2023 in Qatar!

This is a 2017 replica and like the rest of the MXBGP season it will feature 2 versions of the same track.

QP version

QP stands for qualifying/practice. This is the groomed/prepped and easy version, it’s taking place earlier in the day to emulate that going out for first practice in the morning of race day feeling. It features a thin layer of ”sand” in areas to emulate a deeply tilted track, this goes away after just 1-3 laps. It’s meant to be ridden with a fairly high deform rate for these versions to truly shine.

R version

The race version. This is the rough one with bumps and ruts. It’s taking place later in the day and has been inspired from the irl 2nd motos of the day in terms of roughness and line development.

Thanks to all our sponsors:

  • MyMXB
  • Acemoto
  • META | Pro concept
  • System Decal
  • Greenlenux Design
  • Typical Canadian
  • LMC Racing
  • Solitude visuals
  • FPC Crew
  • Pirate Moto
  • Higgo – 383 Track Creations
  • South Bay
  • Woadie Films
  • MXB-Mods
  • LVA Racing
  • One for one
  • Jesse Mulock
  • Ascid designs
  • Bambeintz
  • Ryan Cardno

Thanks to Niko for doing all the race data, cameras and marshals.

You’re having BAD FPS performance? Check this article:

How to fix bad performance issue?

Read the full series announcement HERE.



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