Maison De MotoX Alive

by Maplar

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Congratulations! You reached Level 25 and unlocked: Maison De MotoX!

If you never got to experience that feeling in MvA Alive, don’t worry because now you can on MX Bikes. This replica is built to look and feel the same as it did back in 2011, with some changes to corners/scaling to work with MXB physics.

I am very happy with visually how this track came out thanks to EarthWurx and especially Mulock this time around. I plan to continue to improve the quality of my tracks as I may or may not continue to work on more Alive tracks.

Enjoy !!!

Shout Outs:

  • Mulock – This tracks “RedRider”, this dude dumbed down so many complicated things to do with MXB track building and codes to really help me understand why objects appear as they do in game and really pushed this track to another level
  • EarthWurx – I learned so much to do with models/visuals in MXB, also track assets
  • Jackie Moon/Rain – General testing/feedback/objects
  • McCracken – Preview edit/Testing
  • MotoMart – Testing and feedback
  • MX Bikes Shop Team
  • Cody James – Amazing Tree asset pack (fall vibes)
  • Resolute Kraken – Resolute Builder
  • Agitato – Tons of amazing free objects on MXB-Mods and tutorials
  • TFC – Tutorials
  • Niko – Tutorials
  • Anyone else I forgot to mention, thank you!
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Made for Beta 17e
In-Game Mod Name Maison De MotoX Alive
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$ (min $1.50)

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    October 1, 2022

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$ (min $1.50)


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  • Okay Track

    Awesome to see my favorite mx vs atv track in mx bikes but some of the jumps feel way smaller than I remember. May just be bad at the game but I didn’t have as much fun on this track in bikes as I did in mx vs atv. So stoked to see a recreation though!

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