Imagination 20

by systemdecal

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Thanks to a bit of inside information, and mainly some wicked talent from Mr. Clay himself we were able to get real height data from an undisclosed location in Kansas, and then he built this gem.

A couple years of on and off work later, and the project is finally worth sharing. (No this did not take two years to build, that’s just when things first kicked off)  We hope you all enjoy this as much as we did in the countless hours of testing/building. As much as the base of this track’s design does revolve around doing a ‘lap’ so to speak, there are options to show your creativity everywhere you look. Diversion is encouraged, and your imagination is a must.

We would recommend that you swing your virtual legs over a big bike (250t 350, 450) to enjoy this to its fullest.

See you out there!

Special thanks to the following, without you guys, this wouldn’t exist:

Steeler – Testing, MASSIVE clutch on the edit, and just being around for the ride
jGas – Being the artist you are and drawing up the final logo
Kenny – What did you do again? base shack and tower model, and the worst jokes in history
TypicalCanadian – Advice and answering all my questions about the stupidest things imaginable.
Endo – See above, just another one of you who put up with my BS
Burrito – Testing, advice, and being quite possibly the nicest guy in the bikes community.
Moto237 – Testing, and spending way, WAY too long hitting one transfer
Brady – Testing, hype man, stunt rider, biiig whip guy
Pelster – Testing, advice and suggestions with the QP
Ruubs – Answering some duuuuuumb questions from me (there’s a theme here huh?)
Stonerider – Showing/sending me a template for the Y trees, saved me from asking more stupid questions.
TheFluffyGecko – Base QuarterPipe ramp model
Anyone who wasn’t mentioned, I owe you a beer, only one though.

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Made for Beta 18d
In-Game Mod Name Imagination20
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    May 6, 2023

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    May 5, 2023

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  • pitbike ?

    feels like its for pitbikes on some sections

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  • super good

    This has got me feeling like Axell Hodges, just throwing it upside down everywhere on a 450, so sick. Very good replica it looks exactly like the gopro footage of Tyler Bereman and those dudes. Super well built peaky jumps. Im just about to post an uncut edit of me ripping this on my Steezy93 youtube channel go check it out

    15 of 26 people found this review helpful.

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