Coastal MX

Coastal MX

by higgo383

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Coastal MX. Located in the picturesque forest in Penguin, Tasmania, Australia.

“What! I paid for this and now you release it for free? Outrageous!”

Yes, but here’s a breakdown of where your $1 went.

Minus $0.30 shop fees leaves me $0.70 per sale. Tax man gets 30% of my $0.70 so now I have $0.49.

So how did I use your $0.49? We, you and I, sponsor the MXBGP series, donate to the OEM Project, other track and content creators and helped pay for part of one of the assets used in this track build. I even managed to take my wife and kids out for a cheap meal as a thank you for all the time they missed out on while I was creating content for the community. Im not complaining, Im very thankful. Selling this track was never about me making money. It has always been about using the money you generously paid to purchase this track to give something back to the community. Thanks for being part of the journey.

Set in and around the hillside using the natural terrain as a backdrop for a really fun club style track. Its not a super hard track by any stretch, but after it erodes may be a different story. You be the judge! Super fun to smash some motos out on your own, or ride and race up to 40 other competitors.

Made with Beta 18 and potential new OEM’s in mind.

This is Lidar scanned and scaled at approx 1.3:1 for MX Bikes. This is the 2011 version of the track with some slight adjustments made an 1 or 2 extra obstacles added for flow.

Big thanks to these amazing humans for objects, advice, track testing, tutorials, general support and technical support:

Red Rider, Fat Muppet, Slabz, Burrito, Madcap, Vibin, Shadey, Brady, Robinson, Cody James,  The Magic Bus crew, EarthWurx crew, TKO Smokey, Lynds, Niko, TFC, GDUB, Jesse Mulock, Agitato and Gio. Piboso for the game and modding platform.

Thank you to the MXB community in general for your support. Whether you like my tracks or not, I give 100% to my projects to produce the best experience I possibly can for my skill level. That’s all I can ask of myself as I continue to learn and grow. Feedback is always welcome. Good, bad or indifferent. No one improves in silence. Leave feedback on the post or on the main shop discord.

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Difficulty Easy
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Made for Beta 18
In-Game Mod Name Coastal MX
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    December 19, 2022

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    April 26, 2023

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Coastal MX

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  • That Five Hundy Flow

    This track is awesome love to turn up the deterioration and just beat down some motoa on a 450 or my new found love for this track the Black Knight KTM.

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  • Super fun

    Such a fun and flowy track, very well made

    24 of 51 people found this review helpful.

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