2024 MXBGP Season Pass

2024 MXBGP Season Pass

by JV

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The ARL MXBGP 2024 SEASON PASS is here!

For $18 dollars ($16 If you already own the 2023 season pass using the coupon code MXBGPLOYALTY) you can have access to all of the 10 rounds of the 2024 MXBGP season and get 1 (2) tracks for FREE!

For the 2024 season we say goodbye to QP versions which in turn are getting replaced by AMS versions (no ams version for sand tracks). The AMS version is just a the same as the PRO version but with much less roughness and mainly aimed towards beginners.

You can purchase the season pass using your Shop wallet balance, a credit/debit card or your Paypal account.

Can I gift a Season Pass?

Yes, just like any other mod, but please note that you must purchase it for you first. Also, note that now you can use the Wallet Transfer feature.

How a Season Pass work?

Very simple. Once purchased, all the details of your Season Pass will show up on your Dashboard / Season Pass menu. To download the mods, just visit any mod page related to this season pass, you will see a Download button instead of the Purchase one. A season Pass will allow you to grab some mods for free, for example, all motocross tracks of the same year from the same author. Please read the Season Pass description carefully, the refund policies applies the same way.

Schedule & When do the tracks drop?

They will drop a few hours or days before the scheduled race. The calendar below may changed during the season if needed.



Prizes 250/450 NA/EU (ams championship not included)

  • 1st NVIDIA RTX 4070 + championship plate + $50 Shop credits
  • 2nd $300$ gift card store of choice + $25 Shop credits
  • 3rd $100 gift card store of choice top + $10 Shop credits
  • 10 $15 Amazon gift cards


Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible!

  • Valor
  • Acemoto
  • NineNine Design
  • Black Label CO
  • HSM
  • RD Racing
  • JVDL
  • Cross Designs
  • ABCustoms
  • Cwalk
  • Navo
  • LMC
  • AEO
  • NGS
  • BW Studios
  • MXB Shop
  • My MXB
  • Virtual MX

Thank you to our streamers broadcasting the races.

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    February 8, 2024

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    February 25, 2024

2024 MXBGP Season Pass

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