2023 OCEMXB: Round 2 Broadford

by bishop

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Welcome to the second round of the 2023 OCEMXB Series! Broadford, located in Victoria, has been an iconic race track for decades, after hosting a round of the MXGP series many years ago. This track is set in the afternoon, the track had died up and then got hit with a massive storm which made the track very technical and slippery.

A massive shoutout to the sponsors of this series and the tracks:
RevGraphix – LPGFX – Bulk Limiter – FDR – JSVisuals – GoodOlBoys Plumbing – LT Reaper – Myself

Also a huge thanks to these people for their help:
Red- Water, EZUps, Semi Trucks, and textures.
Kellz and Cody – Y Tree pack
Giopanda – Assets
Agitato – Assets
TFC – Tutorials
JV- Answering questions
Everyone who tested and the MXBShop Crew
Huge apologies if I missed anyone, if I did forget you, message me on discord @.bishop115


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Difficulty Medium
Server Version
Video Url https://youtu.be/6VL4okHJd88
Made for Beta OEM 18 and Factory Bikes
In-Game Mod Name 2023 OCEMXB: Round 2 Broadford
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    September 20, 2023

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    September 20, 2023

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    OEM 18 and Factory Bikes

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