MXBGP SeasonPass

2023 MXBGP Season Pass

by JV

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What’s the 2023 MXBGP Season Pass?

The MXBGP Season Pass offers you a great discount over the whole 2023 MXBGP Season:

  • Each track worth 2$
  • Pre Season race track is free (Qatar)
  • New version of Mantova is free (Round 2)
  • Buying the season pass, you get 18 rounds of MXBGP, in total 6 for free

Want to know more about the series? Read the full announcement here.

Can I gift a Season Pass?

Yes, just like any other mod, but please note that you must purchase it for you first. Also, note that now you can use the Wallet Transfer feature.

When do the tracks drop?

They will drop a few days before the scheduled race. The calendar below may changed during the season if needed.

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How a Season Pass work?

Very simple. Once purchased, all the details of your Season Pass will show up in your Dashboard / Season Pass menu. To download the mods, just visit any mod page related to this season pass, you will see a Download button instead of the Purchase one.
A season Pass will allow you to grab some mods for free, for example, all motocross tracks of the same year from the same author. Please read the Season Pass description carefully, the refund policies applies the same way.
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    SALE $24.00 $12.00

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    January 28, 2023

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    January 27, 2024

MXBGP SeasonPass

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SALE $24.00 $12.00
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