2023 Backyard Elephant Print YZF

by Logn341

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Hello everyone,

First time here, but once again a @backyarddesign banger.

2023 Backyard Design ‘FACTORY FLOW’

Shared parts I made :

  • Replica graphic from Backyard Design
  • Backyard Design seat cover
  • Hinson clutch cover
  • WC Clutch lever
  • Magnesium front master cylinder
  • X-trig triple clamp
  • Excel A60 – Magnesium Talon Pro Billet hubs (Giopanda/P2sta)
  • Factory SHOWA forks and shock

Since there is no Pro Circuit pipe modelswaps available for now, there is different versions.

Pro Circuit :

  • Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro exhaust (no model)
  • Pro Circuit engine sticker


  • FMF adapted graphic kit
  • Showa forks (without Pro Circuit logos)

Modelswap version

  • WC clutch lever (model)
  • FMF 4.1 Titanium (model)

No modelswap versions

  • FMF 4.1 Titanium

This will get updated if there is Pro Circuit modelswaps coming.

Thank you to anyone involved in this model :

IRL bike by Backyard

This is released with official approval from @backyarddesignusa, huge thank you to them.
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Made for Beta 18f
In-Game Mod Name 2023 Backyard Elephant Print
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    August 19, 2023

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    October 15, 2023

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