2022 Paris Supercross

by Jones_797

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This is Paris 2022

Track is scaled as realistically as possible with small adjustments for a good flow in MX Bikes.
The track is freshly prepared as it was on saturday evening. At some spots are small ruts that the trackcrew didn´t remove before the races but these are very rideable.

This track is perfect for intense battles with your friends or for improving your SX skills. If you are very precise it is also possible to hit the big lines with the 250 bikes.
You like Arenacross Tracks? Then you are definitely not wrong here.
Objects and the stadium are modeled as much as possible on the real conditions.

I know the post is very late because I have invested a lot of time and energy and I think it´s worth it.

Big thanks to Janes46. He did the soil texturing.
Stadium, Heightmap, Objects (Modeling, texturing and placing) and lights comes from my side.

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Credits to:
– Janes46 for making the soil textures and masks
– Resolute Kraken for his awsome track builder helper and his tutorials
– Niko Mouk for general help and the shop
– THEFLUFFYGECKO for the animated crowd
– Red Rider for his Truck models and Templates
– Insane for being insane
– Motopatrol for the edit
– giopanda for the dixis / TOI TOI

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Difficulty Medium
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Video Url https://youtu.be/nVtRUPKVZhI
Made for Beta 18
In-Game Mod Name J7 - 2022 Paris Supercross
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    April 12, 2023

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    November 8, 2023

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  • not for 250s

    i dont want to rate it to low bc it could be a skill issue as im not the best at this game but i think the main lines on the 250 are just too hard after about an hour of gameplay on this track i havent been able to hit all the main lines like i said it could be a skill issue but ive never has this issue with any other track where i just straight up cant hit the main lines visually this track looks amazing and also looks really good when eroded my last issue with this track is that the whoops are built in to the ground instead of on top (if this is how the irl whoops are then disregard that)

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  • Fun SX Track

    Super dope and fun SX track. Objects, lighting and the surroundings make this track super unique. Plus very good flow with simple lines for new riders and also a huge skillgap for the fast guys to hit some biiiiig lines. 10/10 would recommend.

    39 of 73 people found this review helpful.

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