2022 ARL MX RD9

by StoneRider

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Round 9 of the 2022 ARL MX Championship! Let’s ride a rollercoaster!
Huge thanks to the ARL Track Crew for all their continuous hard work and dedication!

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Crack that throttle wide open on round 9’s technical yet fast paced, high flow, big sends rollercoaster of a track! Round 9 will have the wind blowing and the rpm’s singing both on the ground and in the air. Brakes squealing, suspension compressing down steep braking bumps, small hard packed ruts, and jumps to flat. Tight hairpin corners, long fast sections, Massive jumps and big angled banks.
Round 9 will put all your gears to use and show you what gravity really is.

Keeping the pace up and your line choice sharp is the name of the game for round 9. You’ve got multiple lines to choose from, but pin it around the outside berms and you’re bound to blow out and/or lose those precious milliseconds. However, them crafty inside lines and corner apex could be your best friend.

Have fun, enjoy! Word is, this is StonerRider’s favourite irl national track in the whole world, that’s a fun fact in my books!



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  • Rough! Rough! Rough!

    I love the rough on this track, I feel it has the right amount especially through the fast areas of the track.
    The fact the braking bumps unsettle the bike is great for sprinkling some technicality.
    The jump shapes are also great for scrubbing to maintain the fast pace throughout the track
    Great job this one guys! (might be my new favourite!)

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  • It's getting tough to choose favourites from these outdoor ARL tracks.

    Awesome! Made to challenge the best of the best, and a perfect training ground for the average joe!
    There’s something about the terrain texture that appears fuzzy or sort of 3d like in some spots or standing still. But everything else about this track is on point in terms of how it rides!
    This will be one I come back to many times whilst continuing to learn and improve within MX Bikes.
    Thanks ARL Track Crew for all the continuous hard work and dedication! <3

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