2022 ARL MX RD7

by StoneRider

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Round 7 0f the 2022 ARL MX Chamionship we head to the hills!
How far are you willing to send it down these heartstopping hills? Are you brave enough to full throttle? Can you trust your brakes to stop you in time at the bottom ? Round 7 is fast and scary featuring steep hills, big jumps, and massive sand whoops. Knowing the limits and how far you will push them while staying consistant is key here and if you’re not ready, the hills will eat you alive!

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Difficulty Hard
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Video Url https://youtu.be/u0bfU2cZcrk
Made for Beta 17
In-Game Mod Name 2022 ARL MX RD7
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    August 4, 2022

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    September 8, 2022

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  • Duuuude! Nailed it this round!

    Fast and scary was not wrong! This one certainly has the pro level touch to it compared to other versions and it makes it serious good fun.
    The bumps feel a little more tamed this round, finding lines feels a lot more available, and the hills are definitely steep. Thus I expect some good bar to bar action tonight in the ARL series. Best of luck to all who’s racing! And have faith in yo brakes!

    “Right, so get this.. Man, I just spotted this gnarly hill that is like this right *over exaggerate 90 degree hand motion* and like down about there man, there’s a kink in it. So like, I figured, Dude if I rail that outside up there man and full send it all the way down there.. I could totally gap that…”

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