2022 ARL MX RD11

by StoneRider

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Round 11 of the 2022 ARL MX Championship! Seeeeeeeeeeeend it!

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Huge thanks to the ARL Track Crew for all their continuous hard work and dedication!
Real talk: I, Trippy, just write the descriptions blind and can’t even begin to imagine the amount of knowledge and work these guys put out in such short times. Truly mindboggling.

The land of rollers, ruts, and super steep big senders! It’s time to fly high and whip it with style on this highspeed adrenaline pumping track. Don’t go thinking it’s all fun and games now though. Round 11 is tough! You’ll be battling in deep ruts, sketchy bumpy sections, big elevation changes and massive jumps made from the hills, many speedchecks, and overall control of flow. Bring your A game, it’s gunna be fast and technical out there! Might even have time to do your taxes in the air!

*WARNING* ARL will push you to your breaking limits with no intentions of backing down! ARL is designed to push the best of the best! Designed to ride the current MX Bikes limits! Designed to create skillgaps! NO MERCY!

Enjoy, Have Fun! Best of luck to everyone!


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Difficulty Hard
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Made for Beta 17
In-Game Mod Name 2022 ARL MX RD11
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    September 9, 2022

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    September 9, 2022

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